Opposition to Civilian Police Review Board

Office of the County Council
119 Courthouse ∙ 436 Grant Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15219
Phone (412) 350-6490


The Republican Caucus of the Allegheny County Council opposes the countywide creation of a Civilian Police Review Board.  In order to oppose the measure they need a total of 8 votes in opposition and currently enjoy 6. If you oppose civilian oversight of our police force by an unelected board please call the County Council Office and share your vote in opposition.


Please ask that your comments be shared with Council Members.

For complete information, see the CPRB handout final 1-16-19 2 from Councilwoman Sue Means

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Upcoming Activities

  1. January Meetings with Quaker Valley Republican Chairs and Vice Chairs

    January 1 - January 31
  2. 2019 March For Life

    January 18
  3. Hearing on Proposed Illegal Ordinances

    January 24 @ 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm
  4. SHAPE Event: Importance of Local Government

    January 24 @ 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
  5. Coffee with Conor

    January 26 @ 11:00 am - 1:00 pm


Hearing on proposed illegal gun ordinances

FOAC’s first meeting for 2019 was held Sunday   included a review of the continuing illegal acts of the City of Pittsburgh. Since last Monday’s Rally in Pittsburgh, there has been an outpouring of outrage and condemnation of the unlawful actions of the Pittsburgh Mayor and city Council in trying to push gun control in defiance of state law!  In preparation for this Monday, January 7th rally, the City of Pittsburgh compounded their lawbreaking by posting a sandwich board sign in front of the main front entrance to the city County building stating that no firearms were allowed into the building. This sign was, of course, illegal according to Title 18 Section 913 which alerts citizens that they have every right to enter government buildings which contain a court facility but are asked to secure lawfully carried firearms in properly secured lockers within the building. The above exposes one of the greatest weaknesses our nation has regarding government that is one of accountability to the law! Our nation cannot survive having a double standard wherein government can break the law but seek to hold accountable citizens at the same time! Gunowners have often heard the refrain that “with rights come ...
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Legislative Corner

Pressing issues deserving our attention. Visit the Legislative Corner page to see more...

National Scene

No wonder so many Americans don’t care for President Trump

The Media Research Center just released findings from a recent survey documenting the overwhelmingly negative coverage of President Trump on mainstream news channels.

From June 1st through September 30th, MRC viewed 1007 evening news broadcasts about the Trump White House on ABC, NBC and CBS; the equivalent of 32.7. hours of coverage.  They found that 91% of the coverage was slanted negatively.  In addition, they found the focus of content was limited to five primary ...
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State Side

Hundreds gather at City Hall to support 2nd Amendment rights

Hundreds of protesters gathered Monday, January 7, to stand against Mayor Peduto’s proposed

unconstitutional proposal to restrict gun rights.

Pittsburgh Attack on Preemption an Attempt to Expand ‘Rights-Free Zones’ :: 01/07/2019

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf, Pittsburgh Mayor William Peduto and City Council members representing the district where the Tree of Life synagogue massacre was carried out “unveiled” three bills being submitted to the Council, the city announced on Dec. 14. Per their press release, the ...
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History Bite

Rudyard Kipling, Indian born, Victorian poet and Nobel prize winner of the early 20th century,  whose writing shed light on his intellectual critique of the encroachment of  Western liberalism on the Indian culture in the late 19th century,  illustrates the perspective of a conservative mind.   While Kipling was in support of a traditional form of imperialism such as is delicately described in this quote by Benjamin Disraeli, 1872:

“The issue is not a mean one. It is whether…you will be a great country- an Imperial country- a country where your sons, when they rise to paramount positions, and obtain not merely the esteem of their countrymen, but command the respect of the world,”

he was much less enthusiasm for the “new imperialism” (Western influenced liberal democracy) which was seeping into the fiber of traditional Indian government and culture.

Kipling’s views on government ran parallel with those of the Indian Civil Service, a small elite ultimately responsible for the major offices of Indian government.  Government was understood to be despotic by its very nature with its function being to rule humanely over a static society,  protecting citizens from criminals and adjudicating disputes.  Government was not a force to promote change …
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