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Dear Parents,

On Friday, April 20, students around the nation are planning to participate in various events to mark the anniversary of the 1999 tragedy at Columbine High School.  It is my understanding that some of our students plan to participate through community service or meeting with legislators on their own time, while others have indicated they intend to organize and/or participate in an all-day walkout during the school day.

Please be advised that a student’s absence from school for any reason other than those explicitly stated in the Pennsylvania School Code is illegal and a violation of Quaker Valley School District Board Policy 201.00.  Such absences are by law unexcused and as such students are penalized academically for missing graded assignments or tests. These are unsettling times in our nation’s schools – especially for our young people, and most certainly for parents, teachers, principals and school staff.  It is my hope, …
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Republican Primary Candidates

U.S. SenatePennsylvania GovernorPenna. Lt. GovernorState House 44th
Jim ChristianaScott WagnerKathy CoderDavid Bachman
Lou BarlettaPaul MangoDiana Irey VaughanValerie Gaydos
Joe VodvarkaLaura EllsworthJeff BartosBob Doddato
Peg LuksikScott Larue

Legislative Corner

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National Scene

STOP School Violence Act of 2018

In the wake of the Parkland High School shooting, Republican bill HR 4909, known as the STOP School Violence Act of 2018, passed the House on March 14 with nearly unanimous, bi-partisan support (407-10). 

The Student, Teachers, Officers Preventing School Violence Act of 2018 extends funding of $50 million per year through 2028 for the purposes of securing America schools. 

The bill appropriates funds for:

-development of evidence based threat assessment systems in line with ...
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State Side

Turnpike Pilots Cashless Zones

At the end of April, the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission will implement a cashless tolling program across the state to include I-576  in Washington and Allegheny counties.  Four locations on the Turnpike have been selected to operate as “cashless zones.”  A “cashless” toll location will simply no longer offer coin baskets or be manned by toll collectors, i.e. cash will no longer be accepted on the tollway.

Motorists owning the EZPass will continue to utilize the ...
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Republican History Bite

With so much controversy surrounding the AR-15, it might be interesting to consider its history.

First,  the AR in AR-15 does not stand for “assault rifle” or “automatic rifle” but rather it represents the name of the company responsible for its initial design, ArmaLite. In 1954, a division of the Fairchild Engine and Aircraft Corporation known as ArmaLite was founded with the express goal of developing civilian arms using modern materials and new manufacturing technologies. Eugene Stoner is credited with conceiving the design for a rifle meeting these criterion.  The hope was for the new rifle to meet such success in the commercial market and that it would make its way to consideration for government and military contracts.

In the meantime, the US Army began searching for a rifle to replace its standard M1 Garand.  ArmaLite submitted a design of the AR platform rifle which had many new, advantageous qualities but entered the bid too late and lost to the M-14 Rifle in 1959.

Between 1956-1959, ArmaLite tried to sell the AR platform rifle internationally through licensing agreements but sales were light and revenue pressures mounted.

By 1959, Armalite licensed the AR-10 and AR-15 designs to Colt Firearms where development and ...
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