College Course: Trump, Impeachment, Removal or Conviction

San Diego State University is offering a one-credit, weekend long course in March titled “Trump: Impeachment, Removal or Conviction?”  Officials of the school have said the course does not actually focus on removing the President from office but rather focuses on constitutional grounds for “impeachment and removal (via 25th Amendment), and possible charges of the independent counsel, the powers of the president, a history of the creation of that office and the comparison of the divine right and rule of law leadership, presidential impeachments” including President Nixon.

University officials assert:

“The course presents an overall framework of impeachment, removal or criminal investigation of a president and rather than focusing on President Trump, reviews all 19 impeachments in US History.”

Yet despite the “nothing to see here folks,” non-chalant claims of purity from politicization, for some, this is simply one more sign that our education system has in fact been politicized, …
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QVGOP Wine Sampling Fundraiser

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Legislative Corner

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National Scene

Trump’s nomination for the EECO, meet Chia Feldblum

In December 2017, President Trump renominated the current Commissioner of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), Chia Feldblum, to serve a third term extending her service through July 2023.

Prior to serving as Commission of the EEOC, Ms. Feldblum was a professor of law at Georgetown University’s Law Center where she founded the Law Center’s Federal Legislation and Administrative Clinic which represented clients seeking social justice.  She also founded Workplace Flexibility 2010, an organization focused ...
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State Side

Guy Reschenthaler

Depression Screening Mandate

Without doubt more and more Americans are on high alert as tragedy continues to envelop our culture.  Desperately attempting to isolate and identify the catalyst of the suffering and rage we see in so much of our youth, we look to mental illness.  In an effort to harness one component of the mental illness dilemma, Senator Guy Reschenthaler, along with Representatives Judy Ward and Dan Miller, plans to introduce legislation which mandates all students be ...
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Republican History Bite

Today’s America isn’t the only time when our country has seen powerful division and popular disenchantment with a sitting president.

When Abraham Lincoln was elected as our 16th US President in 1860, our United States were bound together by a thread and Lincoln had only received 39.8% of the popular vote.  Seven southern states had already seceded from the Union (North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, Arkansas, Missouri, Kentucky, and Maryland) and were attempting to form the Confederate States of America.  The South greatly feared the election of a Republican president who they believed threatened their way of life and their rights to defend the institution of slavery.   A tension of war loomed as did a threat to the personal security of the new President.

The head of a private detective agency, Mr. Allen Pinkerton, uncovered a plot by secessionists to assassinate the newly elected Mr. Lincoln in transit to his inauguration in Washington.  Pinkerton and a former law partner devised a plan to safely deliver the new President to the White House by having him travel in disguise.  Mr. Lincoln was not keen on the plan as he did not want to appear cowardly yet he understood the seriousness of ...
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We're on it..

This past Thursday evening at the RCAC Lincoln Dinner the QVGOP was awarded the Ronald Reagan Award for “outstanding local committee performance”.  Naturally, it is a pleasure to be recognized for Roger’s vision of bringing 11 boroughs under one umbrella to support Republican candidates and voters.  We are honored.

However, there is still much work to be done! We are grateful for the support we have enjoyed thus far and hope that many more will join our efforts as we build our local Republican committees. 


QVGOP Think Tank

We know our country is changing

We know our form of government is in question

We know we have detached from the US Constitution

We  know reform is needed

Once we are able to talk with each other again

We must discuss how we, as Americans, define the role of government 

Begin to consider issues with that question in mind.

So begin here…..What do you think of...