This Isn’t What the Tea Party Fought For

In November 2010, I took a bus from my home in Philadelphia to the National Mall in Washington. The night before the trip, I stood in my kitchen and wrote in large letters on cardboard: “The People’s Work Starts Now!”

When the bus reached the mall and we stepped out into the bitter wind, I looked at the monuments and realized that I was not there as a tourist this time, but as an activist — an idea I would have been allergic to just a year before.

But I, like millions of others, was becoming the new American radical, defined by my belief in a limited government that allows people, not bureaucracy, to flourish.

Before all of this, my main contributions to American politics were voting, voraciously reading American history and Austrian economic theory and irritating liberals at dinner parties.

I had long believed in an America with opportunity …
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QVGOP Wine Sampling Fundraiser

Sewickley Heights Golf Club
126 Blackburn Road
Sewickley Heights, PA 15143

Legislative Corner

Pressing issues deserving our attention. Visit the Legislative Corner page to see more...

National Scene

World Bank Accountability Act

One of President Trump’s most ambitious campaign promises was to cut government regulation.   While Mr. Trump campaigned on a plan to eliminate 2 old administrative regulations for every new 1,  the Administration has far exceeded the initial 2 for 1 goal in stated “Trump style” of under-promising and over-delivering with a stunning 22 to 1 ratio.  While the mainstream media uses their airtime to play hours of daily soap operas;  the Trump

Administration has ...
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State Side

Saccone’s HB 561 and HB 168

Rick Saccone has a unique collection of life experiences which will render him particularly useful in government at times such as these.   With both extensive military service as well as civic public service, Rick is prepared to confront the national and international challenges we face in America.   His military background includes:

  • 19 years of service in the Air Force
  • a background in military counter intelligence and interrogation
  • fighting terrorism on two anti-terrorism ...
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Republican History Bite

Testimony of Norma McCorvey (The former Jan e Roe of Roe v. Wade) June 23, 2005 TESTIMONY OF NORMA MCCORVEY, THE FORMER ROE OF ROE v. WADE, BEFORE THE SUBCOMMITTEE ON THE CONSTITUTION OF THE SENATE JUDICIARY COMMITTEE JUNE 23, 2005 I am the woman once known as the Jane Roe of Roe v. Wade. But I d islike the name Jane Roe and all that it stands for. I am a real person named Norma McCorvey and I want you to know the horrible and evil things that Roe v. Wade did to me and others. I never got the opportunity to speak for myself in my own court case. I am not a trained spokesperson, nor a judge, but I am a real person – a living human being who was supposed to be helped by my lawyers and the courts in Roe v. Wade. But instead, I believe that I was used and abused by the court system in America. Instead o f helping women in Roe v. Wade, I brought destruction to me and millions of women throughout the nation. In 1970, I was pregnant for the third time. I was not married and I truly ...
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The QVGOP is hosting our first Wine Sampling Fundraiser 

Friday March 23rd, 6pm to 8pm

Sewickley Heights Golf Club

We are featuring a selection of red and white wines with accompanying

hors d’oeuvres. Reservations are $65 per person  and must be confirmed

by March 19th. Please make checks payable to Quaker Valley GOP and 

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Roger Valente, 412 Sewickley Heights Drive, Sewickley 15143

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QVGOP Think Tank

We know our country is changing

We know our form of government is in question

We know we have detached from the US Constitution

We  know reform is needed

Once we are able to talk with each other again

We must discuss how we, as Americans, define the role of government 

Begin to consider issues with that question in mind.

So begin here…..What do you think of...