By Lowman S. Henry Governments, both state and national, have a primal urge to tinker in our formerly free market economy.  Sometimes governments are moved to such intervention out of ideology, such as the currently in vogue strain of socialism coursing through the Democrat Party.  Intervention is also born of arrogance as elected officials and deep state regulators believe they can do a better job “running” the economy.  And, often, intervention comes at the behest of the private sector itself. Such is the case here in Penn’s Woods as two examples of government picking winners and losers have generated headlines in recent weeks.  One is an effort by a failing industry to survive; the other a state agency exceeding its mandate. To wit, the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission recently awarded a $2 million contract for a feasibility study to determine whether a cross-state hyperloop should be built.  This raises a wide …
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Meet Superior Court Candidate, Rebecca Warren

 Rebecca Warren – Superior Court Candidate  Rebecca Warren was born and raised in a small coal town in Pennsylvania.  After graduating with honors from Bloomsburg University, Rebecca was awarded a scholarship to The Dickinson School of Law, receiving her Juris Doctorate in 1991. Upon graduation, Rebecca joined a central Pennsylvania law firm, focusing on civil trial litigation in 26 counties, and achieving partnership status within one year.  In the late 90’s, Rebecca was asked to join the Columbia County District Attorney’s Office where she authored the County’s first Child Abuse Protocol to minimize trauma to child victims.  As Assistant District Attorney, Rebecca was primarily responsible for prosecuting all child abuse, sexual assault, and juvenile cases.  In 2002, Rebecca launched her own law firm in Danville, which became a profitable and respected multi-county enterprise.  The firm focused on civil practice including business law, family law, estate planning and administration, real estate, and governmental solicitor positions.   After many years of success in private practice, Rebecca was approached to run for District Attorney of Montour County.  Having lost her father and brother in a double homicide by vehicle, Rebecca felt that her calling was to provide a voice for victims and prosecute criminals.  ...
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Legislative Corner

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National Scene

A Few Words on HR8 from FOAC President, Kim Stolfer

Are your fellow gun owners asleep at the switch and oblivious to what is REALLY going on?? Remember, they can’t TAKE our Freedom BUT we can give it away through Apathy and Inaction!

In keeping with the theme above, you have probably heard, the U.S. House of Representatives voted on two gun control bills last week. One of these bills, H.R. 8, would ban common place zero-risk firearm transfers, essentially criminalizing law-abiding citizens.

H.R. 8 ...
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State Side

Pittsburgh should stand with Philadelphia in the currency wars

In this political climate finding points of unity is a little like panning for gold.  While the rally cry isn’t “gold, gold, gold,” it could be “got cash?”  Our eastern brethren have taken the step of officially keeping cash in play in their city.  Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney signed into law a bill introduced by City Councilman, William Greenlee, which bans the growing phenomenon of cashless stores.  While the law does include a few carve-outs, ...
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History Bite

By Allen Guelzo

In an age when rocking century-old statues off their pedestals has become a public sport, no historical reputation is safe. That includes Abraham Lincoln, the Great Emancipator.

It is “now widely held,” Columbia historian Stephanie McCurry announced in a 2016 article, that emancipation “wasn’t primarily the accomplishment of Abraham Lincoln or the Republican Party, but of the slaves themselves, precipitated by the actions they took inside the Confederacy and in their flight to Union lines.” Ebony editor Lerone Bennett put this argument forward in his 2000 book, “Forced Into Glory: Abraham Lincoln’s White Dream.” The Zinn Education Project, which distributes Howard Zinn’s “A People’s History of the United States” to students, claims that Lincoln offered “verbal cake and ice cream to slaveowners,” while slaves themselves did “everything they could to turn a war for national unity into a war to end slavery.”

The case against Lincoln is a lot less energizing than it seems. Slavery, as it emerged in American life and law, was always a matter of state enactments. There was no federal slave code, and Madison had been particularly eager to ensure that the Constitution gave no federal recognition to the idea that there could …
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