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HR 38: Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2017

The “National Reciprocity” bill would require all states to recognize concealed carry licenses and permits issued by other states. Citizens who qualify for this right to carry across state lines must:

  1. not be prohibited from possessing a firearm under federal law
  2. have present a valid form of identification with photo
  3. have a valid state-issued license to carry a concealed handgun

Introduced by Representative Hudson (R-NC8), this bill continues to gain momentum; currently suppported by 196 co-sponsors (193 R, 3 D). PA Representatives who support the legislation are: Mike Kelly, Scott Perry, Glenn Thompson, Lou Barletta, Bill Shuster, Lloyd Smucker, Keith Rothfus, Tom Marino, Charles Dent.

To read more about HR38, go to Gov.Track