Constitutional Carry (HB 170, sponsor Rick Saccone)

Constitutional Carry is law intended to reinforce Art 1, Sect 21 of the Pennsylvania Constitution giving law abiding citizens the right to carry a firearm with or without a permit or license.

The law seeks to decriminalize those who carry handguns for self defense purposes and shifts the burden of proof from the citizen to the prosecutor when criminal intent is in question.  Current law is a mangled patchwork of regulation that burdens the citizen to anticipate every location where he or she may conceivably go while in possession of his or her firearm so as not to breach the law; parks, self selected office buildings or commercial spaces, city limits, etc..

Constitutional Carry legislation creates a two tiered system for citizens carrying firearms for lawful purposes:

  1. Citizens obtain a license to carry permit valid throughout Pennsylvania as well as the other 32 states who adhere to reciprocity agreements
  2. Citizens of the Commonwealth would not be required to obtain a license to carry within the state of Pennsylvania.

There are currently 40 sponsors of this bill. Is your representative one of them? To see the legislation, go to the Pennsylvania General Assembly