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Are we doing our part to help drain the swamp?

Swamp Draining Comment — July 22, 2017

After holding my breath and counting to ten (more than once) it is time to speak out. I am sickened by the lack of support for “swamp draining.” I am being told that it is “Trump’s fault.” Yes, I am being told that Trump needs to better define what “swamp draining” means. That is the trouble with swamp draining. Everyone wants to “study” and “define.” These are natural responses when someone threatens established power or as written in management books “when someone threatens to move your cheese.”  Notice how the FBI, CIA, and NYT coordinate their efforts to destroy anyone who challenges their political agenda.  How can the former director of the FBI even “leak to the press” yet still be held in high esteem by Republican lawmakers? How can Obama’s Attorney General collude with the FBI and the “campaign to elect” the Democrat candidate, the former Secretary-of-State sign-off on transferring 20% of our uranium to Russian interests while receiving contributions from these same interests to her questionable charity, and a “special prosecutor” brings together Hillary campaign contributors to do what —- 2020 operations research or worse; yet, the Republican led committees are investigating Russian contacts that the newly elected Republican president had or might have had, including during private business deals. We the voters are not idiots. Voters elected an outsider, who as a businessman, had many personal and financial dealings with people all other world.  Our new President may have sold apartments to the Russians; but, he not take millions from Russians to fund a questionable charity or like many in Congress meet with Russians as part of their government duties or for political purposes. Trump’s early actions as President, make it clear that unlike his predecessor he is making America a world energy supplier to the detriment of Russian interests. His actions speak louder than teams of leakers to the NYT.

Notice how our Republican representatives are afraid to defend the President. This tells us all we need to need to know about the swamp and how difficult swamp draining is. It is time to tell our Republican representation to “buck-up” and drain the swamp by supporting the “swamp drainer” who was duly elected by the people to do so. It is time to talk about the collusion between the DNC, FBI, CIA and the NYT. It is time to defund the “witch-hunt” called “Trump Russian collusion.” It is time to defund the politicization of all government agencies — that includes the EPA, SEC, and many others. I talk to Republican Congressman who are more worried about Trump, than an IRS that targeted numerous members of their constituency. After days of their most serious investigation, Judicial Watch can tell us more about Clinton corruption than their Congressional investigations. It is crime that the IRS leadership that attacked innocent Americans remains in place. Yes, the swamp is reacting to being drained. Our Congressmen need to decide if they up to the challenge that we elected them to or if they are part of the problem.

Bob Howard

So, are we doing enough to help drain the swamp?