SB 10 Thwarting Sanctuary Cities in the Commonwealth

Senator Reschenthaler introduced SB10, otherwise known as the Municipal Sanctuary and Federal Enforcement Act (SAFE), in order to thwart the advance of sanctuary cities in the Commonwealth.  He designed the bill to discourage municipalities and counties from designating themselves as “sanctuary cities” in order to evade federal law against illegal immigration.

Unfortunately, several municipalities in Pennsylvania have taken steps to oppose federal immigration law; measures which include preventing police from honoring immigration detainer procedure and proper notification to DHS.

Provisions of the bill include:

-the governing body of any municipality or county may not adopt policy inconsistent with federal            immigration law

-any law enforcement agency, municipality or county that refuses to enforce a constitutional order shall not be eligible for state grants for law enforcement

-a definition of “municipality of refuge” will be established as a municipality that permits the release of an individual in the custody of the local law enforcement even though a detainer request in on record with the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement Unit

-the bill grants legal standing to any person injured by and individual with a detainer to sue a municipality or county

Senator Reschenthaler’s bill must now pass the PA House of Representatives.