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Secure Miles with All Resources and Technology Act

As President Trump pushes forward on his campaign promise to build a border wall, estimates for the project are coming in at staggeringly high price tags ($24.5 million per mile).  In an effort to tame costs and potentially improve effectiveness, Representative Will Hurd (R-TX) has introduced the Secure Miles with All Resources and Technology Act, or the SMART Act, which purports to find the “right” combination of physical structures coupled with detection technology.  The incorporation of technological devices has the added benefit by aiding Border Patrol with remote communicators and automated reports.  So far Hurd is joined by co-sponsors Cuellar (D-TX), Valadao (R-CA), Knight (R-CA), Pearce (R-NM), Fitzpatrick (R-PA) and our own Keith Rothfus (R-PA).

Senator Cornyn (R-TX) has introduced a similar bill in the Senate urging the administration to combine technology as well as physical barriers to meet our border security needs.  The Cornyn plan requires a “multilayered tactical infrastructure” to include wall, fencing, technology and levees.  The bill must receive 60 votes with only 52 Republicans.  Because the bill also includes tough interior enforcement measures and defunding of grants to sanctuary cities it is not likely to garner Democrat support.

Should Senators Toomey and Casey sponsor this bill? Let them know.

Thank Congressman Rothfus if you are pleased with his support.