All Eyes on the 18th District

Those who stay on top of 21st century politics know what an exhaustive task it is. So alongside efforts to elect judges, school board members, councilmen, a governor and a US Senator, our brothers and sisters in the boroughs of Leet, Leetsdale and Edgeworth have the sudden and surprising job of filling their US Congressional seat. The process to fill the upcoming vacancy of Congressman Murphy via Special Election will proceed according to state and RCAC bylaws. As such,

Governor Wolf will declare the necessity for a Special Election within 10 days of Congressman Murphy’s resignation (October 21st)
Each County Committee within the PA-18th district will be allotted conferees ( individuals selected to vote for a nominee in a special election ) based on the number of votes cast for President Trump in the 2016 Election. Each County Committee will receive 1 conferee per 1000 votes cast for President Trump. Following this prescription, based on the 2016 election results, the conferee allotment is as follows:

Allegheny 79,471 Trump votes so 79 conferees
Greene 5,868 Trump votes so 6 conferees
Washington 50,036 Trump votes so 50 conferees
Westmoreland 79,541 Trump votes so 80 conferees

County Committees will proceed to appoint conferees who will then vote to determine the Republican nominee for the Special Election
PAGOP Chairman, Val DiGiorgio, will ultimately hold a meeting of appointed conferees to select a single nominee who will oppose a Democrat challenger

Presently announced candidates include Senator Guy Reschenthaler, Senator Kim Ward and Representative Rick Saccone.