Re-assessment of testing in Pennsylvania. Yes, let’s do it!

An honest, thorough re-examination of our Pennsylvania assessment and accountability system is needed if “fixing our broken education system” in Pennsylvania is truly a priority.  Query as to whether or not the SAT is an appropriate assessment of mastery of subject matter; nevertheless transparent, concerted evaluation of our academic accountability measures is well worth the efforts of the Senate Education Committee.  The conversation should not be limited to testing, effectiveness of data and professional accountability measures but should include discussion of curriculum.  Should children of Pennsylvania be required to study full texts of classic literature versus excerpts, know how to read an analogue clock, have literacy of reading and writing in cursive, be deeply proficient in the philosophical foundation of our American constitutional republic?  Senator Aument has opened a door for such an evaluation, support Senate Resolution 322!!

Read the text of the bill here. It is an excellent history of how the education has been effected by policy and federal intervention.