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Tiffany Sounds the Alarm on Marriage

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal, “A Makeover Rings True for Tiffany,” touts the high-end American jeweler’s recent upturn in sales and stock price attributing the surge to a shift in advertising toward clients of alternative lifestyles.  Citing the plummeting marriage rate in the US,  leadership of the fine retailer claims their advertising to minorities and same-sex couples versus “model perfect Caucasians in poses of marital bliss” has done the trick.  (Query as to whether or not their good fortune is due to redirected advertising or rather the Trump economy).

Nevertheless, the real shocker lies in the relative facts from the Census Bureau regarding marriage in the US.  As cites the article, 48% of American households are married, down from 78% in 1950.  Other statistics from a 2013 Census Report on Families and Living Arrangements include:

*68% of households in 2012 were “family” households versus “non-family,” down from 81% in 1970

*Between 1970 and 2012 the share of households representing married parents with children under 18 was diminished by half

*Single person households increased by 10% over the period from 1970 to 2012

*Cohabitation has rapidly expanded as a lifestyle preference

*Family groups defined by married couples was 71% in 2012 down from 74% in 2003

What’s killing marriage in America?  Should we bother keeping it?

The family unit has been a cornerstone of American society since its inception and has been a pillar in supporting a free society.  Families are the single most vital institution for socialization of individuals particularly children.  Not only are married families more economically advantaged, but the familial arrangement has a transformative effect on the behavior of both parents as they take responsibility for and are dedicated to achieving better opportunities for themselves and their children.   Families are the critical source for transmission of American values, ideals, history and heritage.  

In lieu of focusing so heavily on gender identity, the evils of racism and how to master the SAT, maybe we should put education on marriage and family values at the front of the line. It could be that the rest will solve itself.