Sherry Kai’s Thoughts on Socialism

Dear QVGOP Members and Friends,

     Sherry Kai will be the keynote speaker at our Picnic Under the Tent.  I attempted to share some of her thoughts on our Facebook page.  Because I feel they are  particularly relevant and significant, I attempted to boost the post.  Subsequently, I received an “Ad Not Approved” notice.

     “Your post is still published on your Page, but it is no longer boosted because it doesn’t follow Facebook’s Advertising Policies….Your ad was not approved because your Page has not been authorized to run ads with political content”.

      Censorship??? Judge for yourself.  Here is the post:

“I have recently reconnected with my grade school friends that I have not seen for 34 years through social media widely used by Chinese people all over the world. Then it reminded me that while in America I can openly discuss politics or anything remotely political on social media, have passionated debates with my democratic friends, I realized that I cannot ever even ask a question remotely related to politics with my friends in China. They might just get a knock on the door for having a big mouth friend in the US. Therefore, I plead to you, you may not agree with your friends and families on politics, but know that while you can openly talk, repost, retweet or just call things out as you see them, remember in many countries around the world people do not have that freedom. This is an American privilege where we can all voice our opinions, protest, vote. So embrace our differences, embrace it while you argue your different political views. Because no matter what, you will never have to fear you will be reported by someone to local authorities, you never have to fear to be persecuted or executed because you disagree with the government. This is the American privilege that are fought with blood, and continue to be protected by our Constitution, our military, our 3 branches of government. So please fight, argue, disagree, do it with pride, do not shut each other down or get mad just because someone else think differently from you. Be proud that we all live in America. Being an American is a privilege!!!”