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Essay 4: They Aren’t Family

Essay IV.  They Aren’t Family

Part IV of a IV part series.  Read Essay I or Essay II or Essay III.

As previously discussed, Marxism, socialism and fascism were political movements which grew in response to disdain for the “capitalist system of exploitation” while adhering to an ultimate goal of complete redistribution of resources so as to render all common men equal.  These ends could be achieved by instituting an all powerful state either by outright takeover of institutions or, more subtly, by allowing for public, private ownership which was highly

regulated by government mandate so as to handicap autonomous activity.  Fascists, communists, socialists and progressives seek a radical transformation of society away from traditional American principles and institutions.  The American Right, and more predominately American conservatives, have taken on the role of defenders.  The roots of fascism clearly exist in the genealogy of the Left so why is the American right being labelled as fascist?  Is it because the American Right defends the dignity of the anthem or believes in the nation-state or fights to uphold the Bill of Rights or otherwise overtly exhibits a love of country that has encouraged historians, academics, media and politicians to fallaciously sew together a revolutionary, totalitarian political ideology with an antithetical cousin who thirsts for liberty?  How did this happen? Who put fascism on the Right?


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