A creative solution to put retired officers in our schools, HB 2563

Creativity is still alive and well in the Pennsylvania legislature.  Representative Karen Boback (R) has referred to committee the Real Property Tax Credit for Security Services Act which would authorize school districts to establish programs permitting retired law enforcement officers to volunteer to provide security services within the school district in exchange for real property tax credit.

The act requires the “law enforcement officer” to be a member of the PA State Police or otherwise an individual employed as a police officer and must reside and preform the service within the school district in which the tax credit is applied. ¬†The retired officer must have a license to carry a concealed firearm and must pass a background check. In order for the retired officer to be eligible for the exchange program he or she must volunteer for 40 hours minimum per week throughout the academic year.

This proposal offers several appealing benefits:

  1. adds security without increasing the school’s budget
  2. allows willing and able retired officers to participate in meaningful and greatly needed employment
  3. makes schools safer
  4. is a legitimate yet creative structure for the exchange of labor for wage.

Query as to how many retired officers can meet the criteria of living in the district where the school has a need and offer a full 40 hours throughout the academic year. This could potentially serve as an obstacle.

This bill currently enjoys 4 co-sponsors: Brown(D), Neilson(D), Murt(R) and Barrar(R)

If piloting such a program sounds appealing, contact your House Representative and offer your support for HB 2563.