Upcoming Public Discussion on Public Review Board

Dear Veterans and Patriots,
During our last VPU meeting, we discussed attempts to use County Council to push through a police review board countywide in Allegheny County.  This is being pushed by a convicted felon, no less, and black lives matter supporter after the recent shooting in East Pittsburgh.
That shooting is already under review and we do not need another review board of un-elected bureaucrats calling into question the life and death decisions police officers have to make on a daily basis.  Each department already has sufficient review procedures, and never mind the fact that there is no way to pay for such a board and the board will most likely be made up of biased police-hating radicals (just a guess).
There will be two upcoming public discussions to be held on the topic.  I would ask if you oppose this board and have the time, please attend one or both of these public discussions.  If you plan to speak, please sign up at the link below or by calling the below numberIf you cannot attend and testify, they are also accepting written testimony.  Please see the address below for where to mail your written testimony.
Please make your voice heard.
In liberty,
Diane Spicher
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