Andy Schlafly’s Review of Hearing

I testified on Wednesday in Pennsylvania against the Convention of States resolutions SR133 & 134, during a hearing before its Senate State Government Committee.  The Convention of States resolutions are dead for the rest of the session!
There was an overflow crowd of standing room only, and Chairman Senator Mike Folmer did a superb job in presiding.  The full hearing can be viewed at https://www.pasenategop.com/blog/101718/ (my testimony begins at 1:05:30), but the sound may not be functional yet at that link.
This hearing was a smashing success for our side!  As my mother Phyllis Schlafly would say, the tide turned against the Equal Rights Amendment when she was able to testify against it in fair legislative hearings on the issue.  This Pennsylvania hearing was fair, and the arguments are compelling for our side against the Convention of States.  Many in attendance thanked our side afterwards.
Kim Stolfer, a Vietnam War veteran and president of the Pennsylvania group Firearms Owners Against Crime, was fabulous in his testimony on our side.  Special thanks also to Mark Affleck, who was helpful in enabling me to testify.
I spoke on behalf of Pennsylvania Eagle Forum, which is a longtime grassroots organization in this pivotal state as led by its president, who was in attendance.  That was in contrast with the out-of-state Convention of States presenters, one of whom (Jim DeMint) merely appeared by prerecorded video.  One might think he could have at least attended in person, as Harrisburg is barely a two-hour drive from D.C.  But perhaps he’s not getting paid enough to drive two hours!

Some highlights included my pointing out how the circus of the recent Kavanaugh hearings concerned merely one new Supreme Court Justice.  Imagine the chaos if the entire Constitution were opened to rewriting it!  Also, the contentiousness of our times, with politicians being harassed as they eat dinner in restaurants (McConnell was confronted in a diner today), make this a very bad time to try to rewrite the Constitution.

I reminded the Committee that Philadelphia is the birthplace of our Constitution, and observed that it’s a pretty good document.  Pennsylvania should be the leader in defending it.  Moreover, as a pro-Second Amendment State, Pennsylvania legislators don’t want to allow any mischief in repealing that through a Convention of States.  The scope of such a convention cannot be limited, as I emphasized.
You know the rest of the compelling arguments against the “horrible idea” of an Article V convention.  Pennsylvania legislators know them now too, and hooray in this demise of the Convention of States resolutions there.  Thanks for all your emails to legislators, which they received and commented upon.
Andy Schlafly, Esq.
Pennsylvania Eagle Forum (which remained loyal to Phyllis Schlafly)