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Congress Gets Tough on the Saudis

As mankind hobbles along attempting to make the world a better place, many Americans have become aware that our own house needs attention. For America to take a position of leadership in the world, we simply must reconvene to establish what we wish to stand for before we continue attempting to project our values on the world. 

It is reported that US Secretary of State Mr. Pompeo will present a “big picture” vision of how this administration views America’s place in the world on Tuesday, December 4 at the NATO foreign ministers’ meeting. 

Senator Lindsay Graham of South Carolina has released a statement on the Senate Resolution 3652 calling for cessation of US funding of Saudi Arabia’s military campaign in Yemen.  Senator Graham’s piece suggests how, at least in this instance, traditionally American principles should marry with foreign policy if we are to exhibit  that “Americans take our principles seriously.”  As we consider America’s place in the world, we must also consider how well we are defending here at home the principles we claim to wish to project.  If we are to be consistent with these principles, America must lead by example, not by domination and we can only lead by example if indeed we are a good one.

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