More Vaccines?

The Pennsylvania Coalition for Informed Consent, whose goal is protecting rights to medical consent for everyone, released the following information.

The Allegheny County Board of Health (ACBOH) recently voted in Pittsburgh on a resolution to recommend the HPV vaccine to school students, unless a medical doctor discourages.  This resolution was NOT read in the public meeting, NOR was it posted in the public agenda.  The PA Sunshine Act requires agencies to deliberate and take official action on agency business in an open and public meeting, with prior notice so the public an attend, participate and comment.

Several concerned citizens attended the ACBOH meeting and, when the vote was proposed, the ACBOH refused any discussion and threatened to remove members of the public who questioned their vote.

In the interest of preserving medical choices and avoiding soft coercion through the school system please ask the Allegheny County Council to remove the Board of Health’s Resolution for  recommendation for the HPV vaccine through the school system.  Furthermore, in the interest of transparency, please remind members of the Council that they are responsible for oversight of the Board of Health and, as a citizen, you will not support hiding recommendations and resolutions from the public or advancing votes without going through the appropriate process.

1) The Allegheny County Board of Health did NOT show the public the resolution to recommend the HPV vaccine prior to voting.
2) It appears the resolution was written prior to Board of Health Public meetings
3) The public was not given an opportunity to comment or offer meaningful input before the Board voted on the resolution
4) All concerns expressed by the public over the last 2 years about the HPV vaccine have been ignored by the ACBOH.

If you live in the Quaker Valley School District, your Council member is either Tom Baker or Cindy Kirk and you may also contact our Councilman-at-Large, Sam DeMarco. Call 412-350-6490. You should additionally contact State Representative Mark Mustio at 412-262-3780.

Medical choice should remain with parents and families and our governing bodies should work with the public transparently.