Meet Matt Drozd, candidate for Chief Executive of Allegheny County

It is time that we waged a credible campaign against the current County Executive of Allegheny County and show case our great American ideals and values.  I truly believe we can wage a campaign that will do us proud.

I have extensive experience in County government and a grass roots understanding of local government, as well as efficiently managing school districts.  I also helped craft homeland security while serving during 9-11 at the Pentagon for the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Secretary of Defense.  Attached you will find one of my proudest moments which resulted in saving the lives of our brave military members in uniform.  Should you wish more information as to how I have served my constituency and fought for our ideals  and country, all you have to do is simply google my name.

Five hundred signatures are required to run but we will need over a thousand to discourage any petition challenges.    We would greatly appreciate your letting us know of any support you and your members are willing to provide.

Best regards……………Matt

Matt Drozd (Lt Col Ret USAFR)


RESUME of Matt Drozd 01072019