Proposal to ban conversion therapy

This is why you sign petitions for Republican candidates

Many of you have made time these last two weeks to sign petitions for our Allegheny County candidates – this is an example of why you do that.

The Allegheny County Council has added to its Tuesday, March 5 agenda a proposal to ban “conversion therapy” as an available option for young people seeking to cope with dysphoric feelings about their sexual orientation or gender.  Our Republican Council Members oppose this ban as it is an infringement on Freedom of Speech, Parental Rights and Religious Freedom. 

Conversion therapy is a psychological or spiritual intervention used to help dysphoric individuals explore their sexual orientation and to consider “conversion” from a gay or bisexual orientation to straight.  The practice has been banned in California, Illinois and New Jersey but remains legal in Pennsylvania.

Conversion therapy is not a matter of discrimination but rather a matter of freedom.  No one is being forced to consider conversion therapy yet it should absolutely remain an available option for anyone who personally considers it an appropriate approach to coping with dysphoria.   This is how free society works: options that do not hurt people remain available to the members of that society; keeping alternatives and freedom alive and well.  There is no reason whatsoever to ban conversion therapy in the state of Pennsylvania. 

Contact your Allegheny County Council members by calling 412-350-6490.

To email members use this link.

To attend or speak at the meeting:

Tuesday, March 5th at 5 p.m.
Allegheny County Courthouse, 436 Grant St., Downtown Pittsburgh, PA4th Floor, Gold Room (Room 410)

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