Censorship is alive and well

Our own Greg Wrightstone, geologist, patriot and local resident recently experienced the growing trend of silencing voices guilty of disagreeing with views of the liberal left.  Removal of the popular Inconvenient Facts smartphone app from the Apple App Store in late February fueled a media frenzy this week.

The back story is that, after approving the app in early February, and with more than 13,000 downloads (Android & iPhone), Apple removed the app from sales in its App Store, stating that it lacked compelling content. Wrightstone suspects that the removal had everything to do with content, but not because it wasn’t compelling. Rather it was too compelling and didn’t fit the narrative advanced by their best-known Board member, Al Gore.

NewsMax first reported on this apparent scientific censorship on March 11 with publication of a commentary written by author Gregory Wrightstone. That was followed later that same day by an exposé from the Heritage Foundation’s popular Daily Signal.

Matt Drudge then picked it up as a lead story for the next 24 hours, which led to an explosion across social media.

Among the large number of interviews Greg gave in the ensuing firestorm of protest were ones with Laura Ingraham (Ingraham Angle) and with One America News’ Liz Wheeler (Tipping Point).

Unintended Consequences for Apple

In the wake of the public outcry, sales of the the book and downloads of the app at the Google Play Store exploded. The book reached #10 overall and was #1 in the fields of Public Policy, Science & Math and Environmental Policy. The book is currently now only available at Inconvenient Facts, as it is sold out at both Barnes & Noble and at Amazon.

Downloads of the app via Google Play for Android exceeded 8,000 in the first two days after Apple’s actions were publicized.

If you desire a personalized signed copy of Inconvenient Facts, email here  and you will be invoiced ($23.26 per book).

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