A Message from Mike McMullen, State Committee Member at-Large

Greetings. I hope this note finds you doing well. I have some updated info for you. We might have a summer meeting for RSC members but that is TBA yet. The fall meeting is 9/20 and 9/21 in Hershey, PA.
We had a very tough race in the Special Election on 4/2. However, we need to start now and find the best candidate for 2020 for PA 37. This will not be an easy race at all. Some facts for you. This is the 1st time in Allegheny County since the 1975/76 election cycle that we do not have a single GOP State Senator. Also, the 1st time since 1935/36 election cycle that we do not have a single State Senator or US Congressmen. We best get our house in order or it is going to be ugly in 2020! ( ** Facts based on longtime GOP Consultant in Allegheny County who told me these statistics.)
Enclosed is a good article on the Raja race and the results in PA37.
We failed as a party to field candidates for DA( we have not had a candidate since 1983!!), treasurer, and controller 1 for 4.
In addition, we dropped the ball on fielding County Council Candidates in several races that we could have been competitive in. Cindy Kirk and Sue Means have well-funded challengers and we can’t assume anything in these races.
I have enclosed the list of all the candidates running for office at the bottom of the page.
I am not being negative at all!! These are the facts and we best get our house in order and prepare for what races we have candidates for!!
We have 3 Statewide candidates running for Superior Court. We have 39 days till the primary. I voted for Rebecca Warren and Judge Peck and Open Primary. I listened to the committees and voted how they wanted me to vote: Open Primary and for Warren and Peck.
Here is some info on the candidates from the PA Bar ratings from January
Rebecca Warren
Megan King
Judge Peck
Please let me know how I can help your local committees. 1 of the 5 duties of an RSC member is to communicate information back to the local committees.
Mike McMullen
Republican State Committee Member 38th Senate District & Allegheny County at Large