HB 286: Informed Consent Protection Act

HB286, primary sponsor, Representative Daryl Metcalfe, is legislation that upholds parental rights by requiring fair and equal access to medical treatment for children.  The legislation guarantees that children residing in the Commonwealth receive medical treatment irrespective of their vaccination status and removes the ability and incentive of healthcare providers to discriminate against families who may have opted to delay or decline vaccinations for medical, religious or philosophical reasons.

1) A healthcare provider or facility may not refuse treatment to a child whose parents have opted to decline or delay one or more vaccines.

2) A healthcare provider or facility may not require a patient or guardian to sign self-incriminating waivers as a condition for treatment.

3) A healthcare provider or facility may not accept a financial incentive from insurance or pharmaceutical companies for vaccinating patients or maintaining a certain quota of vaccinations.

Denying medical care to American children is a serious moral consideration as is the idea of mandating by force of law that Americans be injected with any organism or matter.

There is much to be discussed, learned and considered on this topic as science, and those who declare it, are no less fallible than the rest.  While we sort through these issues with the best interests of the population at large, shall we not lose sight of our greatest treasure- our freedom.