SB 10 Thwarting Sanctuary Cities in the Commonwealth

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Senator Reschenthaler introduced SB10, otherwise known as the Municipal Sanctuary and Federal Enforcement Act (SAFE), in order to thwart the advance of sanctuary cities in the Commonwealth.  He designed the bill to discourage municipalities and counties from designating themselves as “sanctuary cities” in order to evade federal law against illegal immigration. Unfortunately, several municipalities in […]

Secure Miles with All Resources and Technology Act

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As President Trump pushes forward on his campaign promise to build a border wall, estimates for the project are coming in at staggeringly high price tags ($24.5 million per mile).  In an effort to tame costs and potentially improve effectiveness, Representative Will Hurd (R-TX) has introduced the Secure Miles with All Resources and Technology Act, […]

She who championed the 19th Amendment

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Jeannette Rankin (1880-1973) went from Montana rancher’s daughter to first woman elected to US Congress.  Jeannette was the eldest of eleven children, received a public school education and proceeded to earn a college degree in biology.  She dabbled briefly in a variety of careers but circumstances sparked an interest in improving slum conditions, working with […]

HR 997 English Language Unity Act

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Assimilation has always been of considerable importance in the immigration process. The idea of assimilation is those who come to the United States will adapt to and adopt American culture. One way of encouraging assimilation is to establish an official language.  While never seeking to ban the use of other languages, agreeing on a common […]

The Birth of the “Republican”

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Most early Americans agreed that western expansion was crucial to the well being of our fledgling nation. However, incorporation of new western territories into the Union was accompanied by the controversial concern of how to deal with the institution of slavery.  For three decades, a contentious, uneasy peace had existed between the agrarian, pro-slavery South […]