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What’s going on in the conservative mind?

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Much of what remains of America’s moral structure is existing on fumes from past eras when the majority of the population was educated on the sources of our beliefs and moral codes.  Today many “believe” something to be true or right but have no inkling of the origins of these beliefs which have been gently […]


Sherry Kai’s Thoughts on Socialism

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Dear QVGOP Members and Friends,      Sherry Kai will be the keynote speaker at our Picnic Under the Tent.  I attempted to share some of her thoughts on our Facebook page.  Because I feel they are  particularly relevant and significant, I attempted to boost the post.  Subsequently, I received an “Ad Not Approved” notice. […]

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Tiffany Sounds the Alarm on Marriage

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A recent article in the Wall Street Journal, “A Makeover Rings True for Tiffany,” touts the high-end American jeweler’s recent upturn in sales and stock price attributing the surge to a shift in advertising toward clients of alternative lifestyles.  Citing the plummeting marriage rate in the US,  leadership of the fine retailer claims their advertising […]

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S. 2554: Patient Right to Know Drug Prices Act

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*Much of the piece is excerpted from Gov.Track  Americans overspend by an estimated $135 million on prescriptions through their insurance, in cases when they would cost less out of pocket. Yet pharmacists are often under gag orders from telling customers about that discrepancy. A new bill introduced in the Senate would end this practice. Context A “pharmacy […]


Re-assessment of testing in Pennsylvania. Yes, let’s do it!

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An honest, thorough re-examination of our Pennsylvania assessment and accountability system is needed if “fixing our broken education system” in Pennsylvania is truly a priority.  Query as to whether or not the SAT is an appropriate assessment of mastery of subject matter; nevertheless transparent, concerted evaluation of our academic accountability measures is well worth the […]