The QVGOP strives to educate citizens on policy issues important to their communities, their state and their nation.  In order to shape the path of America, educated citizens must be engaged and voice their opinions, both positive and negative.  The QVGOP site hopes to aid constituents who wish to be involved in their government to easily identify and contact their elected representatives.

State House Representative

Valerie Gaydos

Contact Representative Gaydos

District 44


State Senator

State Senator to be elected

Conferee Nomination for the 37th to come

D.Raja, Devlin Robinson,

Bob Doddato, Jeff Neff

Pennsylvania Governor

Governor Tom Wolf

Governor of Pennsylvania

Email contact


US House Representative

Congressman Conor Lamb

US House of Representatives

District 18

Contact Conor Lamb


US State Senator

Senator Toomey Official Portrait

Senator Pat Toomey

US Pennsylvania State Senator

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US State Senator

US Senator Bob Casey

US Pennsylvania State Senator

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45th US President

President Donald J. Trump

Contact President Trump

or send your letter to or call:

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW

Washington, DC 20500


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