Essay II.  The Continuum of Political Power

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Modern ignorance has allowed the public in general to adopt a complete and non-sensical understanding of the spectrum of power based on party versus power. The continuum of power is characterized by absolute tyranny or totalitarianism on the left and no government or law on the right, anarchy.  The objective of the American Founders was to strike a balance hovering in the center of the spectrum so as to maximize personal liberty while gently empowering the government to maintain law and order. 

As we understand from the previous essay, communists anticipated revolution but were not determined to provoke violence in an effort to overturn the established order; the fascists, however, were.

Fascists were as left-leaning in their ideology as the communists so how did they come to be known as “Right Wing?”  The term “Right Wing” begins to appear in the late 18th century during the French Revolution relating to the position one took when sitting in Parliament; conservative royalists sitting to the right of the President illustrated their degree of allegiance to the monarchy versus disgruntlement revolutionaries ...
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Words from the Wise

“Out of the crooked timber of humanity, no straight thing ever comes”

— Immanuel Kant

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