While so many of our fellow Americans revel in defaming the Founders of this nation, they seemingly refuse to recognize that it is thanks to the tenacious efforts of these “old white men” that they enjoy the freedom of speech, of assembly and of press that provide the very platform on which they stand.  Nor do they contemplate the sacrifices each made to garner the most historical information available, craft with discernment their intellectual position on completely unchartered matters and then to gather in convention so as to ultimately produce documentation critical to the unification of our fragile states.

   The following are excerpts from a letter penned by John Adams to Abigail Adams on the 26th of April, 1777.  They illuminate the frustrations of being away from one’s family and sacrificing one’s life for legacy.

   We, inheritors of their efforts, should reflect on how well we have managed our gift of freedom.

 “I have been lately more remiss, than usual in writing to you.  There has been a great dearth (lack) of news.  Nothing from England, nothing from France, Spain, or any other part of Europe, nothing from the West Indies. Nothing from Howe, and his Banditti, nothing ...
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Words from the Wise

A long habit of not thinking a thing wrong gives it a superficial appearance of being right

— Thomas Paine